It’s Still Not Too Late To Buy AAL Stock

aal stock

AAL stock has released news that they plan to have more planes to fly to meet massive demand, and UP 50% so far. I certainly don’t believe only AAL has demand increase. Buy UAL today, and same good news from UAL will be out soon and it will be our chance to fly 50% up. 

AAL stock is going through large squeeze today. The daily candle and volume candle are huge. Once everyone is squeezed out and all chasers are in it will react just like any other stock after vertical squeeze.

American Airlines could get $12 billion in government aid, but ...

PSA for everyone excited about American Airlines having “74% more flights this month than last”: they were down to 10% capacity a month ago. That means they’re at 0.1*1.74= 17.4% capacity. Probably not the best rationale for a 42% day.

“American Airlines, United, Delta — Airline stocks rose as the companies announced plans to ramp up flights in the coming months due to a rebound in travel demand. American now plans to use 55% of its domestic schedule in July, up from 20% in May. Shares of American soared by more than 24%, while United and Delta both posted double-digit percentage gains as well.

MGM Resorts – Shares of the casino name gained more than 6% as casinos in Nevada reopened on Thursday. Wynn Resorts and Caesars Entertainment were also both up more than 2%.”Source

aal stock

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