Curis Stock – Too Late To Buy?

curis stock

Just yesterday Curis Stock (NASDAQ: CRIS) was selling for about $1.50 throughout the day. Overnight that changed drastically. And any Curis Stock holder was about to wake up to a Christmas morning. But is it too late to buy Curis stock now? Did you miss the rocket ship? 

Today, December 8th, Curis Stock opened at $5.47. Currently as of this writing Curis is at $6.64. A 361% jump in less than 24 hours. 

Is It Too Late To Buy Curis Stock? 

Short answer, no. 

But is it the right time? First, it’s worth looking into why Curis Stock is blowing up so quickly. 

Why Is Curis Stock Blowing Up?

Essentially, Curis Inc has made an enormous scientific study in regards to Leukemia research. Findings that have shed hope on curing this horrible disease that has affected almost all American’s in some way or form. 

It has been a while since there have been any bright spots in Cancer research. 

Much of the medical community has been highly focused on Covid-19 vaccine and prevention research. For understandable reasons. 

The CEO of Curis had this to say- 

“”We are highly encouraged by the breadth of clinical activity with CA-4948 seen with this early data, especially as this study is both monotherapy and in a late line, relapsed/refractory population. Historically, monotherapy studies in AML and MDS have proven underwhelming; monotherapy studies in a relapsed/refractory setting have been especially challenging,” said James Dentzer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Curis. “We also have been pleased by the pace at which our trial partners have been able to enroll patients. We look forward to continuing to advance CA-4948 and reporting additional Phase 1 data in the second half of 2021.” – Source

Can Curis Cure Leukemia?

As expected, it’s way too early to tell. Right now the current trials are for patients with relapsed Leukemia and/or Myelodysplastic Syndromes. 

But the preliminary data from the trials has been described as “highly encouraging” by researchers in the field.  

“Key findings include:

Marrow blast reductions observed in all evaluable patients (6 patients).

6 of 7 patients enrolled remain on study.

Patients enrolled experienced a median of 3 prior lines of treatment (range 1-4).

Two patients experienced a marrow complete response, one with blast count going from 23% pretreatment to 1% on treatment, and the other going from 11% pretreatment to 2% on treatment. 

No DLTs observed in 7 DLT-evaluable patients in the 200 mg BID and 300 mg BID cohorts.

Enrollment has begun in the 400 mg BID cohort.” – Source

These results certainly are encouraging, and it goes without saying that owning stock in a company that could win the war on Leukemia is enticing for multiple reasons. 

BUT – explosions like this one need to be evaluated before you get caught trying to “catch the falling knife”. 

So, Is It Too Late To Buy CRIS Stock?

While the 300% plus jump today was out of the norm, in general Curis stock has been on the rise in the past few months. 

“Curis, Inc. has risen 28.57% over the past month, closing at $1.14 on November 10. During this period of time, the stock fell as low as $1.14 and reached heights of $2.24. CRIS has an average analyst reception of Strong Buy. The company has an average price target of $4.67.”- Source

With a target price of $4.67, there is a lot more confidence in Curis stock holding its value. 

Especially given the inevitable intangibility of popularity that Curis will continue to garner. Who wouldn’t want to invest in a company doing great things if it’s also a great buy? 

Looking at the Long-Term Technical score we can see that Curis stock is at a 55%. 

With an LTT over 50% I am confident that this is a buy. 

Our Conclusion On Curis Stock 

Buy, buy, buy!

BUT sell once it spikes. This will go over $10 and then likely drop shortly after.

We expect the quality of this company mixed with the hype behind their good cause will create a continued rise. 

Curis stock will be $10+ in the next 6 months. 

Important dates coming up – 

Earnings report 3/18/21

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