Facebook Pinterest Acquisition Likely To Proceed

facebook pinterest acquisition

With talks of a Facebook Pinterest acquisition in the works, Pinterest stock seems to be a pretty easy buy right now. 

Fintech analysts tend to agree, but with or without the data from Fintech there is a lot to be said about the potential growth of Pinterest. Especially if Facebook acquires the app.

Facebook Pinterest Acquisition Equals Super App

facebook pinterest acquisition

If Facebook were to acquire Pinterest it is safe to say Facebook, or “Meta”, would then become a super app. 

The acquisition alone of Pinterest would add 400 million users to Facebooks already enormous database of 2.9 million users per month. Putting them at close to 3.5 million a month.

A massive amount of influence for a social media platform considering it’s pretty much half of the global population. 

What Does Pinterest Offer That Facebook Doesn’t Have? 

People show things on Pinterest. Not themselves. 

To break it down simply. 

Facebook – Instant 

Notifications are received instantly. Feedback through likes and comments can come instantly, especially soon after a new post. Live features are even available.

Even the instant messaging is almost instant as so many people have Facebook messenger set up as a default notification, thanks to connection with Whats App. 

Instagram – Community

Most users on Instagram are there to follow or look at people they connect with. Specifically on a more focused level.

You may notice a lot of your friends on Instagram follow celebrities or community pages more than actual friends. They likely engage with these other pages more frequently as well. 

Pinterest – Not About The Person 

People don’t post pictures of themselves on Pinterest. Nor do users go there to see pictures of others. 

It is a place to share ideas. 

Quick shares or photos to inspire an action in another outside the computer. (Until they finish the project, and go back to the computer to show off). 

Explanation Of Pinterest

facebook pinterest acquisition

“Pinterest offers a visual search and scrapbooking platform where users can save, collect and group images by themes. It benefited in the early stages of the pandemic as advertisers flocked to social media sites to woo a captive audience that embraced a shift to e-commerce. 

The company has been introducing new tools to help creators make their “pins” shoppable, drawing a more direct connection between content on Pinterest’s site and online purchases.” – Source

Facebook Pinterest Acquisition – Costs

A Facebook Pinterest acquisition would likely run Facebook in the area of about $80-$90 billion. 

Pinterest currently has a valuation of about $55.

These are the most recent figures that have been heard. This isn’t the first time we have seen Facebook go above a companies valuation to attempt an acquisition or buyout. – Source

Acquisition updates as of 11/25 

Update 11/25, 4:55am: Signs that a deal has been reached, many staying close to Twitter. 

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